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  • The Professional Project Award is open to any domestic or international project.
  • The entry form may be submitted by any individual, firm, or company.
  • The professional projects submitted may be new construction or a remodel and renovation project which is currently under construction or shall have completed construction within the last five years.
  • Entrants may submit more than one project, and each project may be entered in multiple award categories.
  • Each entry is required to be submitted by or includes written permission of the Engineer-of-Record or Responsible Engineer.
  • Entrants agree to release all information and data, including photographs included in the submission package, for public dissemination to facilitate publicity.
  • All required submission materials must be received before entries will be considered.
  • Entries must be received (not postmarked) by the deadline.

Award Categories

All entries will be judged on Architectural Engineering Integration. All submissions should discuss and highlight the integration of the building systems.

  • Architectural Engineering Integration (required)

In addition to integration, each entry may also include one or more of the following discipline-specific categories:

  • Structural Systems Design
  • Mechanical Systems Design
  • Electrical Systems Design
  • Lighting Systems Design
  • Construction Management and Methods
  • Renovation
  • Modular AEI 2024 Forum Special Category

Committee Review

The professional project submittals will be reviewed by a select committee of judges, including distinguished members of the design and construction industry, the AEI Board of Governors, and the AEI Academic Council.

The Professional Project Awards jury will award one Award of Excellence for each category. Additional Awards of Merit may be granted in particular categories as selected by the jury committee.

Projects that receive one of the awards noted above will also be eligible for consideration for the Best Overall Project and the Most Innovative Project. These special awards will consider one project with an overall construction cost of less than 100 million dollars and one project with an overall construction cost of greater than 100 million dollars for each of the two special award categories.

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated for each award category based on the following judging criteria:

  • Originality and Innovative Character
  • Integration and Collaboration
  • Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Economics
  • Effective Use of Technology
  • Constructability and Site Logistics
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